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Izzy Pak

Clear Square Cake Boxes

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These trendy cake boxes are made of high-quality cardboard and PET material.  This acetate transparent box has a crystal look suitable for cake packaging and other packaging needs. Boxes can be reused for other projects and for storing in a presentable way. 

Nothing says “I Love You” while showing that you are always thinking about them then the gift of a pretty cake. How about a cake that's in a transparent luxurious box that showcases your creation?

 Our Boxes come with

  • A Coloured Base made with First Rate Cardboard
  • A Matching Lid for Cake Preservation
  • Transparent Wall that has a protective film on both sides of the transparent walls to prevent scratches and to be peel off before assembling.

Clear Square boxes are more than just the icing on the cake. Use them to package baked goods, Rose bears, Gift Packages or anything else to go that extra mile. This cake box is elegant and versatile making it perfect for any special occasion including:

  • For Use as packaging and display box for your cake
  • To Make a unique hamper with a box
  • In Adding your preferred decorations
  • For Use as a rose bear box
  • To Contain surprises: Cover it with a shining shimmering cloth to hide your heart-pounding surprise