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Men's Republic Grooming Kit

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Men’s Grooming Kit

Nowadays, most men are knowledgeable about grooming regimes and products, whether it be manscaping, beard grooming, or skincare. We still need to learn a few things, though. It might be difficult to remember which product is which when there are so many different ones available for cleaning, clipping, moisturizing, and other grooming tasks. Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Fortunately, the majority of men's grooming brands have come to the realization that it takes a lot of time and effort to sort through hundreds of products to put together a slim set for your bathroom. To address this issue, we developed grooming kits that contain everything you need for a particular body part (i.e. beard kit, skin kit, etc.). These kits are also frequently small and thoughtfully packaged, which makes them perfect for travel.

We at Izzy Pak can make your search for a quality grooming kit much easier for you, and often provide you a boost in appearance since the kits include carefully chosen products that complement one another. Check out some of our top men's grooming kits below if you need to update your grooming regimen.

Product Features

Cleansing Care Kits - This Men's Cleansing Care Grooming Kit works wonders for that man who loves feeling clean. This all-in-one kit is the perfect shower kit for the travelling man, cased in a rustic-style carry bag. This kit is bound to make him feel fresh for the day.


  • 120ml after shave balm
  • 50g shaving soap
  • 120ml body lotion
  • 150ml shower gel
  • Shaving brush
  • Carry bag

Skincare Kits - This Men's Republic Skin Care Grooming Kit is the perfect gift for that man who enjoys a clean shave. This all-in-one kit will help him take care of his skin and allow him to feel fresh wherever he goes.

  • 60ml shave gel
  • 60ml moisturizer
  • 60ml shave balm
  • 60ml face wash & scrub

Beards and Moustache Care Kits – This Men’s Republic Grooming Kit for Beard and Moustache Care will help strengthen and moisturize his beard and skin, preventing irritation and rough surface. He can now feel great and grow his beard with confidence. Comes with a comb to help achieve maximum smoothness.

Included are:

  • 50ml beard wash
  • 30ml beard oil in glass bottle
  • Black comb

Complete Shaving Kits - This is a fantastic gift for the man who enjoys relaxing and feeling fresh.

  • 80mL hair & body wash
  • 80mL shaving gel
  • 50mL hand & body lotion
  • 50mL after shaving lotion
  • Shaving brush
  • Bag