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  • Hair Pamper Gift Set
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Izzy Pak

Hair Pamper Set

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Hair Pamper Gift Set

How would you like to pamper a lady? We can provide you the best gifting ideas. You cherish her?Then care for her hair!

This Pamper gift set is all pink! It includes Microfiber Hair Drying Turban, Detangle Hair Brush, and one 100% Mulberry Silk Pink Scrunchie.

Product Features

 Pink Microfiber Hair Drying Turban - Until you discovered our luxurious hair turbans, you may have believed that drying your hair isn't very fashionable.

These hair gear can manage anything and will make you appear to be able to handle anything, whether you're applying cosmetics, using a face mask, or just getting out of the shower. Trust me, you can handle this. They’ve gotcha!

Simply place it over your head to help your hair dry more quickly without using a blow dryer! 

Our luxurious hair turbans are made of a microfiber material that is incredibly absorbent, versatile, and requires no maintenance.

It is perfect for protecting hair treatments, doing cosmetics, washing the face, relaxing, or wearing to bed or in the sauna or hot tub to keep your head warm. Our hair drying turban is a cozy accessory that is ideal for travel and business trips to support you during your busy day

 Detangle Hair Brush

With our Detangle Hair Brush, you can spend more time making your wild locks look fantastic and less time trying to tame them. It will lessen hair damage and breakage and is designed to cut through the knottiest of hair.

It works on dry and wet hair.

 Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

Nowadays, everyone appreciates a nice scrunchie, and these are the best of the best!  Our scrunchies are made of 100% pure mulberry silk and are intended for daily luxury and hair care. Each scrunchie is expertly handcrafted from the finest Momme pure mulberry silk. These opulent silk scrunchies shield fine hair from the pulling damage caused by conventional hair ties; after use, they show no evidence of wear. Amino acids and proteins are entirely present in mulberry silk. Its inherent properties will prevent hair breakage and drying out.