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Baby Morris Book

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Baby Morris Board Book Series 

Present your toddler with interesting rhymes for quality playtime 

The Baby Morris Board Book Series is a beautiful collection of books created for babies and toddlers to encourage and enjoy playtime. Playtime is of essence in the infancy and toddlerhood phase growth, contributes to the cognitive development your babies brain. 

Little children love to imitate Baby Morris as they enjoy the rhyme that goes with each beautifully crafted book. 

The baby Morris book board is made of four book series. Made with interesting rhymes, it is sure to make a beautiful gift for a new baby or little toddler.

The Baby Morris series is written by Author, Ruth Barker, who’s got many years of experience in Montessori and child development - Ruth Barker

The Book Features 

Each book is 13.5 cm high, 13.5 cm wide, and has a depth of 1 cm. They sit beautifully together on a shelf as a set.

The board is made of 4 gorgeous stories to choose from. It’s best to purchase all 4 to create a beautiful collection! The collections includes

Icky Sticky - so many bubbles to pop, pop, pop!

Plop! - down, down, down until his bottom goes plop!

Twinkle Twinkle - many stars twinkle twinkle everywhere!

Roar - roar roar, roar like a big dinosaur!

With a concentration on descriptive and action vocabulary, simple but precise language that aids in capturing the attention of the younger listener is used. To read exchanges between a parent and a very young child, straightforward language with slight repetition and onomatopoeia is ideal (0 to 3). Even the smallest listener can begin remembering some of the sounds and rhythms so that they can begin participating in the narration.

Realistic scenarios that help to connect the reader with his or her real world.

A focus on engaging the senses, moving the body, and experiencing nature. It is excellent to have Baby Morris as a role model encouraging these experiences because these are such important components for a young child's healthy growth. 

Even the physical characteristics of the book are ideal - sturdy cardboard pages that can withstand the eagerness of very little hands.

The books are made of premium quality, printed on durable board. Each book comes individually wrapped in cellophane to maintain the quality.

Kindly note that each book are sold separately and can also be purchased as a collection.