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Izzy Pak

20 Pieces Tool Kit

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20 Pieces Tool Kit

Looking for nice work tool sets to get that task done? We’ve got all you need to loose, tighten, cut, etc. 

The Deluxe Tool Set with Pliers includes four Phillip head bits, three Torx head bits and two Allen wrench sizes. This set comes complete with its own needle nose Pliers, so you will never be without the tools you need. 

Having this with you, you needn’t worry about what to expect.

Product Features 

  • Four Phillip head bits, three torx head bits, two flat head bits, five sockets, two Allen wrenches, mini-Phillip head screwdriver, mini flat head screwdriver, and needle nose pliers
  • Handle for easy carrying
  •  16cmW x 2.8cmH x 21.8cmL